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copy of Luzes de cortesia logo BMW Series 5 (E60 E61 F10 F11)

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Series 5 (E60 E61 F10 F11)  2004--2017

Série  A


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1. Maintenance Free, Easy Installation, no need to drill hole.
2. Shockproof (High Shock / Vibration Resistant)
3. Built-in Current Limiting Resistors.
4. Long life. The theoretical data is more than 100, 000 hours.
5. Designed to work in negative ground vehicles.
6. Low Power Consumption; Saving energy and environment protection. 
7. The energy of LED is 1/10 of the traditional halogen lamp.
8. High Intensity.
9. Eco-Label, Major Power Savings.
10. Major Reduction in, Heat Generation.
11. High ability of shock resistant; Brighter light; Low temperature.
12. Super white lighting provides a high level of road safety at night driving.
13. Pure color with nice appearance.


Mode Door Welcome Emblems Light With Car Logo
Applicable for BMW
Wattage 5W
Valtage DC 12V
Color Temperature 6000K
Years 60000Hours
Colors White
Light Source LED
Item Length 5.2cm
Item Weight 80g

1. A is suitable for

X1(E84) 2014
X3(E83 F25)  2005--2017
Series 7(E65 E66 E67 E68 F01 F02)  2003--2015
Series 5 (E60 E61 F10 F11)  2004--2017
M5,GT (E60 F07)   2012--2017
Series 6 (E63 E64 F06) 2007--2017
M3.GT (E46/2S F80) 2009--2017
Series 3 (E90 E91 E92 E93)  2005--2012

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